Reparil-N Gel 40g [Exp:04/2021]


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  • Per 100 g Aescin 1 g
  • diethylamine salicylate 5 gReparil Gel N
  • a unique combination of aescin and diethylamine salicylate, is formulated not only to treat pain and inflammation of skin tissue injuries, but also the swelling.
  • Selling is often the precursor of further pain and inflammation.
  • Aescin is a highly purified natural molecule extracted from the horse chestnut plant.
  • It effectively treats swelling and has an anti-inflammatory property.
  • Diethylamine salicylate works as an analgesic to promote quick pain relief.
  • Reparil Gel N is indicated for all types of skin tissue injuries, such as muscle over-stretching, crush injuries, joint sprains and bruises, injuries typically encountered in sports activities and common domestic accidents.
  • Reparil Gel N may also be effective for chronic pain such as lower back pain and neck pain.
  • Reparil Gel N gives a cooling effect after application, which is essential to subside swelling and bruises as it reduces blood flow to the affected skin tissues.
  • Apply Reparil Gel N immediately onto the affected area, three to four times a day for optimal relief.

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