Nivea Extra White MakeUp Clear 3in1 Mud Foam


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Product Description

Removes make up. Clears & brightens skin. Contains Pearl-Whitening complex, proven to give 10x better whitening efficacy than Vitamin C*.

Combines 3 IN 1 effects:

1. Apply as Mud Mask for 1 minute – Absorbs make up residues & impurities

2. At a touch of water, massage as Make Up Remover – Cleanses 10 make up residues* remaining on skin

3. Cleanse as Foam with Whitening effect

– Removes impurities from deep pores for fairer, water-like skin *Oil, talc, colourants, silicone, sun filter, dirt, fragrance, minerals, alcohol, chemicals For dull & damaged skin. For all make up users.

  • 3 IN 1 clears make up residues for fairer, water-like skin

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