Betadine Feminine Wipes Gentle Protection 10’s


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  • Betadine Gentle protection Feminine Wash is designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs. It nourished and supports the growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts. Its unique Tri-Care formulation combined with prebiotics provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance.
  • – Tri-Care contains Immortelle, also known as the everlasting flower, a natural antioxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture.
  • – Syricallm CLR (PC) a natural active ingredient that helps soothe the skin, reduce skin redness and irritation.
  • -Deoplex, a natural extratc that provides effective odour neutralization.√ Soap, Paraben, Colourant Free √ Contains prebiotics
  • √ Dermatologically tested √ Moisturizes gently
  • √ Helps maintain natural pH √ Mildly fragranced

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